A Message From Our Chairwoman

We simply cannot return to where we were just a few months ago. We are physically distant today, but we must stand together.

Thank you for considering the World Green Growth Organization as a candidate to explore our goal and Green agenda for 2020 and support our efforts to survive together during this post pandemic crisis.

WGGO invites you to participate at the World Green Growth Summit. It’s a great opportunity for you to reinvent your business in a global platform where you can network and find new opportunities.

Welcome to all those who believe in the power of dreams and for those who would like to join us in the infinite world of business.

Past International conferences:
  • Internacional conversation about Renewable Energy
  • Technology Driving New Opportunities in the Energy Sector
  • Entrepreneurship in the Global Market
  • City Smarts and engaging the consumer
  • Trends opportunities and Natural gas production
  • Carbon pricing in emerging economies
  •  Innovative low-carbon strategies to achieve green transition
  • Circular economy and investment in water production
  •  Business opportunities in climate action


Be a leader that facilitates the participation in the transition of a green economy growth approaching partnerships between the public and private sector in the expansion of innovation, technology, and integration with the community.


Work together with the public and private sector toward economic growth, integrating community and creating employment opportunities while protecting the world’s ecosystems, environment, and public health. The World Green Growth Organization is working progressively sustainable green projects and annual Summit targeting more of 2000 key stakeholders to address emerging trends, policy issues, and opportunities in the energy sector. The 2 day-long virtual summit was designed to connect government officials, with fortune executives, entrepreneurs, green economy experts, thought leaders, alumni and stakeholders, for high-level discussions and networking by linking technology, capacity-building and finance.

Past Events: