Air Batalla

AIR BATALLA participated at the World Green Growth Summit 2020 showcasing a huge and attractive project.  The World Green Growth Organization decided to expose this amazing project, to support their initiative and invite investors to work together and accomplish their needs, and their development goals. This amazing project called  SEA GREENHOUSE won a recognition award given by World Green Growth Organization. This initiative is a extend Sustainable development project of a semi-desert coastal zone with a high rate of food, water and electrical energy needs in the northern area of Colombia, from a greenhouse that uses seawater, solar energy and wind potential, for the production of food, electricity and drinking water for its inhabitants.

Air Batalla is a social enterprise that develops research hotbeds in low-income schools, supporting the development of innovation projects and technology development that allow generating solutions to problems that arise every day in schools. The sea greenhouse is an innovation proposal that allows children to develop solutions in controlled cultivation systems.

Air Batalla articulates with innovation centers and universities for the development of technologies, which allows providing alternative energy solutions, environmental technologies and agriculture


A list of objectives that seek to provide solutions to the problems within the school will be developed below:

  • Provide electric power: The Greenhouse will generate energy from photovoltaic panels. Since the school does not have electricity, two strategies will be developed for the supply of electricity to the school.The first is to provide the school with electrical energy from surplus energy generated by the Sea Greenhouse. The second is to place two 4000W photovoltaic generation systems.
  •  The Greenhouse will generate a daily surplus of drinking water that it will not require for its support and will be delivered to be used for the school.
  • Food source: The Sea Greenhouse will have a controlled environment that allows the maintenance of the plants grown inside the Greenhouse and will allow the generation of food for the s
  • chool. The Greenhouse will have technologies that take advantage of the potential of seawater, wind and solar potential.
  • Drinking water supply: The Sea Greenhouse will generate its own water to support the crops that are within the system Exploitation of seawater: Development and implementation of a technology that allows the exploitation of the potential of seawater as a cooler, humidifier for sustaining controlled climate within the Greenhouse. With technologies that develop cooling technologies, humidification and also solar desalination technology.
  • Development of construction technology and development of cultivation techniques: have a low-cost technology in 
  • the manufacture of greenhouses and the development of crop techniques that can be replicated for the development of projects in other countries.Direct beneficiaries
  • The direct beneficiaries are the students of schools that exist in communities in the northern part of Colombia, with ancestral settlements and very rich in cultural aspects. At present it presents great problems such as the shortage of water resources that are accentuated by much longer droughts.
  •  These communities do not have electricity,
  •  since it is an area not interconnected with the country’s electricity grid.
  • A list of the measurable results to be achieved will be given below:
  • Provide wáter
  • Provide electric power
  • Food production
  • Analysis of the Sea Greenhouse technology
  • Community participation