Liquidstar participated at the World Green Growth Summit 2020 with a huge and attractive project in their hands.  The World Green Growth Organization decided to expose their amazing project to support their initiative and invite investors to work together and accomplish their needs, the population needs, and the development goals.

Liquidstar’s platform facilitates the rental of IoT & GPS connected smart batteries and the management of solar container-based charging stations or Waypoints. Using a text message-based application. Their waypoint attendants or power rangers are responsible for signing people up to the platform and managing the station. Customers come to the Waypoint, rent a battery, and take it home with them using the batteries to power a variety of devices. Once they are done with the battery, they can bring the battery back. In the future we plan to allow for battery pickup and delivery.



● Climate and SDG-focused from the start ○ Chain of Things was originally formed around a blockchain-based pollution sensor project focused on SDG-related COP21 emissions verification and accountability in late 2015.

● IoT for SDGs experience ○ Chain of Things co-founder Doug Irwin: i. Directed the development and manufacturing of GSM-connected solar fishing sustainability boat trackers for Pelagic Data Corp. ii. Directed the development and manufacturing of GSM-connected charity accountability water flow meters for Charity: Water and for

Chain of Solar Case Study + Hackathon ○ In 2016, the first Chain of Things case study launch and hackathon took place in London, specifically focused on the potential of blockchain-based solar IoT solutions. Chain of Things partnered with IOTA, Bitseed, RWE, ElectriCChain, Solcrypto JV, Solarcoin, and Intel Code for Good on this event.

● Joint venture partnership with Solcrypto JV ○ A joint venture between Chain of Things and Solcrypto JV was formed to assist in the end-to-end commercialization of connected data logger devices, along with networking and business development support related to the growth of the SolarCoin ecosystem. Solcrypto JV is one of two global organizations recognized by the SolarCoin Foundation as official representatives of the technology.

● MARU Prototype ○ The MARU prototype was developed to explore early solutions for an IoT device reporting to a blockchain. The initial devices reported basic sensor information, with a more recent device also reporting emissions-related particulate levels. Maru is the basis for exploration into device identity and DAUs.

● GSMA Mobile for Development, Dar es Salaam ○ First to publicly present blockchain for distributed IoT-based energy utilities to a pre-conference working group at the annual GSMA Mobile for Development conference.

● Solar & Batteries ○ Following the initial hackathon in 2016, Chain of Things brought Luke Johnson on board as a partner. Luke holds over 18 years of experience in the solar and utility industries, helped to write the Solar coin white paper, and is the founder of Solcrypto JV.

● TEPCO Consulting ○ Chain of Things consulted with TEPCO following the case study release on ideal potential of grid based blockchain solutions. This and other experiences helped us better understand how blockchain helps existing grids, as well as fully-decentralized energy storage solutions (e.g.; Liquidstar).

* Solar Bank ○ Chain of Things partnered with Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) in early 2017 to consolidate its previous solar+blockchain+IoT experience and develop the first project focused on the solar blockchain ICO/STO world. This project was paused indefinitely because critical protocol-level “identity” components were still missing from the blockchain ecosystem.

● Blockpass ○ The partnership with IBL pivoted to develop Blockpass, a blockchain-based self-sovereign identity protocol for the connected world: the required approach to connect human to company to device (to object) identities. Initially focused on KYC/AML/PEP for regulated industries, Blockpass has grown over the last two years. The company has raised millions of dollars, currently employs over 30 people, has presented at conferences around the world, and is funding five PhD students in the first zero-knowledge proof identity lab. Blockpass has also been featured in INC, Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Times, TechCrunch and Business Insider. Blockpass was initially created to help enable full spectrum identity DAUs, and will be a natural protocol-level component in Liquidstar.

● Sunburning ○ Sunburning is a way to burn how much charge a battery has received, then transport and share this data with others by using an immutable blockchain. The blockchain acts as the truthstream river, and the portable battery itself is the transport settlement layer of the electrons – the basic structure for Liquidstar. ○ We have also built other functional blockchain data loggers in other projects.