Waste to Energy

When customers put their trash out for pickup, it’s just the beginning. From the moment waste leaves the curb, it can go to a recycling center to be repurposed for further use; to a clean power plant for use as fuel to provide renewable energy; to a composting facility where organic waste can be converted into a nutrient-rich soil amendment or a fuel; or to a landfill where it creates energy as it decomposes.

Our goal is to manage more than 20 million tons a year of recyclable materials by 2030.

6.6 million tons of paper Resulting in savings of: 107 million trees, 23 million cubic yards of landfill space, 27 billion kilowatts of energy, and 46 billion gallons of water. 3 Energy use savings = 937K households powered

This project seeks to create enough energy from waste to power nearly 1.2 million homes — the equivalent of almost 23.5 million barrels of oil or nearly 6.1 million tons of coal.

This project would generate electricity by using municipal solid waste as a fuel. Municipal solid waste is converted to energy through carefully controlled combustion, using advanced emissions-control equipment. The plants we will build, will reduce the volume of the waste up to 90 percent, saving valuable space in landfills, and they provide a clean alternative to the use of fossil fuels.


More than 38,000 tons of aluminum saving 167,000 cubic yards of landfill space.

More than 615,000 tons of Construction & Demolition materials.

More than 2.5 million tons of mixed organic material.

Nearly 229,000 tons of plastics saving 1.7 million cubic yards of landfill space.

Nearly 741,000 tons of glass saving 1.5 million cubic yards of landfill space.


  • Support Green Projects Worldwide
  • Focusing on our customers’ sustainability needs
  • Reducing and recycling wastes generated by others
  • Converting waste into renewable energy, fuels and chemicals
  • Managing our waste treatment, materials processing and disposal facilities to exceed regulatory obligations
  • Serving as responsible stewards of the land